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HAI GUYZ. We are fyeahharryandlouis, otherwise known as Annika and Juliet. And yes, we are One Direction's wives. And by wives, I mean they have no idea we exist. Which until 11/1/12 was true. Now we can safely say, they know we exist! We are both from the land down under. Oh and this one time we met zayn in an elevator. It was awesome. We have three fanfictions (See above) Love you guyz!

Chapter 15


Louis POV

I wasn’t gonna lie, I was actually looking forward to tonight. It’d give me a chance to hang out with the boys and Annika at the same time. We really only had an hour until the boys would turn up so I figured it would be best if we started getting ready.

‘Annika!’ I called from the lounge.

‘Yeah Lou? I’m in the kitchen!’

‘Of course you are. So what exactly are we doing tonight?’ I shouted back, and before I knew it she was racing in the room until she stood beside the couch I was resting on.

‘I have an idea! We could watch some movies. What do you have?’ she asked, eager.

I indicated to a shelf of DVD’s, ‘Look there’ I said.

 She rustled her hands past each DVD, inspecting them carefully before saying ‘Here!’

She pulled out the first Harry Potter movie, and said ‘Please!’

I laughed at her childishness before saying ‘Sure. I actually own them all. Hermione is well fit!’

I saw her eyes light up, sheer excitement on her face. ‘Can we watch them all?!’ she begged.

‘Your wish is my command’ I said before running over to her and chucking her over my shoulder. I heard the DVD’s fall from out of her hands and onto the floor and began to grin.

‘Louis! Let me down, you twat! I’m going to crush you!’ She was struggling within my grasp but I refused to let her break free.

‘Now, now my Niki, behave!’ I replied with faux seriousness. She began to hit my back with her hands and swing her legs about. Suddenly we heard the doorbell ring.

‘Well I wonder who that could be’ the boys weren’t supposed to be over for at least another half an hour. I walked to the door with Annika still over my shoulder and swung it open.

‘Hey!’ said Niall, with Zayn and Liam right behind him.

‘You’re early’ I replied.

‘Yeah, well we were already near here so we thought we may as well just come now’ Liam said, with his arm around Niall’s shoulder. Cute.

‘Um Lou, I’m kinda still here and I don’t think this is the best angle of me for them to be seeing for the first time’ Annika spoke, with an embarrassed tone. It was only then that I realized I still had her over my shoulder, with only her behind and legs on show to the boys.

‘Oops’ I giggled and put her down. She looked lovely, her hair was up in a messy bun and she was wearing some leggings and a purple Jack Wills jumper but somehow just managed to make it work. She still looked beautiful, even when she didn’t try. God, I sounded like a corny bastard but I just couldn’t help but think it. She brushed herself down, blushing slightly.

‘Uh, hi! I’m Annika’ she said and smiled at the ground.

‘It’s nice to finally meet you! Louis said a lot about you on the phone this morning’ Zayn said and winked.

‘I did not!’ I denied, pouting like a child. Annika laughed at me, I just hoped she knew that the boys were only teasing.

‘Mhm! Well I called Juliet, she’s on her way with some pizza’ Niall smiled, ‘Oh and Juliet’s my girlfriend by the way’ he added for Annika’s benefit.

‘Oh, sounds lovely! Come in, come in!’ she indicated for them to step inside and then led them to the lounge.

‘It sounds like you live here too now’ I laughed, then winked at Annika.

She giggled and replied ‘I wish!’

As soon as we walked into the room, Niall dove for the biggest couch. It was dark, leather and elegant but as soon as Niall was on it he made the couch seem like it was worth nothing. He was lying on it carelessly, his body sprawled all over. Liam, being the cautious and reserved person he is, decided to sit himself on the edge of the same couch, whereas Zayn had plonked himself in a single armchair in the corner of the room. Annika had taken it upon herself to tidy the couple things that were left around the room.

I jumped on the spare sofa and said ‘Stop it you! Cone sit with me you jellybean!’ Annika laughed at my strangeness before walking over to the couch and sitting next to me.

‘Well, it’s nice to meet you boys. You seem even lovelier in person than you do on my computer’ she blurted out. We all stared at her, confused and slightly in shock.

‘Oh god that sounded like I’m a stalker! I’m a fan, yeah but don’t think I’m crazed or something. I just like your music and happen to have watched your music videos like 1000 times’ she blabbed on. It was cute seeing her blush out of embarrassment.

‘So you’re a fan then. I figured you were when we first met. God you should have seen the look on your face when you first saw me. But I never knew you were that much of a fan. You act so… calm’ I replied to her, still quite amused.

‘I guess you could say that. I love singing, so I’ve always watched the X Factor. And let’s be real here, what teenage girl wouldn’t fall in love with you?’ she giggled before continuing, ‘You 5 boys are some of the most famous guys in Britain right now, you’re young, fun and attractive, course girls will love you!’ We all stared at Annika for a few seconds before breaking out into fits of laughter. Now it was Annika’s turn to stare at us, confused.

‘It’s just crazy, hearing you talk about us like that. We’re five incredibly normal guys who’ve been lucky enough to do what we love and make it as a living’ Liam put in with a warm smile on his face.

‘So you’re a singer then? You should sing for us some time!’ I exclaimed, nudging her in the ribs with my elbow.

She blushed for what seemed like the hundredth time, ‘No way! Not in front of you lot anyways! You’re all incredible and I’m really not so it’d be awkward as well’

‘I’m sure you’re amazing, love’ Zayn pitched in. I was so happy that my boys were already getting along with Annika quite well. They started having some small talk, talking about little and insignificant things. I was no longer paying any attention to the conversation; I was just watching how they all acted. How well she suddenly just fit in, as if she’d known these boys for much longer than she actually had. Niall has said something which made her laugh and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.  Her head fell back; her long brown hair cascading down her back and her face broke out into a large smile, quiet giggles bursting from her lips.

In that moment, she looked so beautiful.

Oh god, what had gotten into me?! I sound like some lovesick fool. I barely know this girl, sure it had been a few days and we’d spent the most part of her being conscious together, but I still shouldn’t be thinking this. I need to control myself.

I stood up and cleared my throat. ‘I’m gonna get a drink! Anyone want to come?’ I said to whoever was listening.

‘I’ll come with you’ Annika replied, before standing up next to me.

Once we were in the kitchen I went to the fridge to get a drink and Annika began talking.

‘So… I kinda have something to tell you’ Annika spoke quietly, almost nervous.

‘Sure, tell me girl! You know you can tell me anything’ I responded, smiling wide.

‘I…. I kind of invited-’ she was interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell.

‘Hold that thought, I’m just gonna get the door. It’s probably Juliet with the pizzas! Wooo!’ I cheered.

‘Um, but Lou! I have to tell you something!’ she said, urgently.

‘It can wait, can’t it?’ I called back to her, already skipping out the door and down the hall.

‘Lou!’ she called again, but this time I decided to ignore her. I got to the front door, and swung it open.

‘HELL- wait what?’ I said, shocked.

‘Hey there’ she replied, awkwardly.

Harry was here, and he’d brought Ashley with him.